Setting Up August 2017

And just like that, July is over. But that means creating new pages and layouts! Yay! 😀 Every month I review, I design, and I draw out need layouts for whatever needs I have that month. August is a little less busy for me than the past couple months, so I'll be trying some new things. I've tweaked some of the old, added some brand new; click to read and I'll show you how-to! (I'm cheesy, I know.)

Craft Planner 2.0 Review

I was recently asked by Cobbery to review their new Craft Planner 2.0. As a fan of all things paper and stationary, and as a long time fan of KickStarter, I was more than excited to check out this planner! Once I looked through their site, I realized how unique and purposeful this journal really is.

My Supplies

One thing I frequently get asked is what supplies I use. To see all of my supplies and what I like and dislike each thing, check out the "My Supplies" page.

October Set Up

October is here! Here I discuss my method of planning out October and how I came up with each page in my monthly set up.

Hey There!

Welcome to my blog all about bullet journalling! I hope you find some useful ideas and tips about how to bullet journal and how to really make it your own.